Saturday, March 22, 2008


NEW! Beginning in Gainesville the MASTERS division will be 30+ with a 45+ General Classification (GC) bonus. 45+ must sign up for the stage race before the start of the TT to be eligible. This means that there will not be separate jerseys. Masters will be racing for the overall as 30+. Then there will be a 45+ GC bonus.

NEW! The Georgia Cup Premier series will be totally separate from Series 7 (S7) events and the Tour of Atlanta (ToA). This means that GC Premier events will be the ONLY series for the YELLOW, MAR, KOM and the WHITE Stage Jerseys.
GC = Timed Stage races with the “Main event” held in a downtown setting.
S7= Either individual races or Omniums with no “Main Event” held downtown.
ToA= The Memorial Day multi day/stage race

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