Monday, May 19, 2008

Tour of Atlanta - Online Registration CLOSING

Tour of Atlanta standard registration ends Monday, May 19th at midnight! Online Late registration for individual stages and the GC will continue until 5pm Wednesday, May 21.

You CAN register for the GC at the race hotel Wednesday night and you can pick up your race packet. You canNOT register for the GC on Thursday, May 22 neither online nor at Board N Bike's registration.

You can register for the TTT up until Friday at 5pm. You can register for all events on race day excluding the Sprints, TT and TTT. We ONLY take CASH or CHECKS - NO credit cards or other types of currency.

TT starts will be posted online Wednesday at noon, May 21 then updated again late Wednesday night. TTT teams MUST be submitted by Friday at 5pm. After 5pm you will be put on a team randomly. After Friday there is NO TTT registration.

Buford Sprints are not a "DRAG RACE". You can jockey for postion and even draft off others. There are NO designated 'lanes' you have to stay in. There will be 3 rounds with as many as 10 heats. The last round will be 1 heat with up to 10 racing for points and podium!