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2008 Georgia CUP Newsletter [Jan '08]

2008 Georgia CUP Newsletter [Jan '08]


Have you heard any rumors floating around regarding this year's edition of the 2008 Georgia Cup? Aren't you glad you are on the newsletter list so that you can get the facts, and just the facts?! Fear not fanatics, the 2008 GC is poised to be the best year ever! We would not consider robbing you of your opportunity to partake in the glorious death march across the state in pursuit of the coveted GC Leader's Jersey !!
You will immediately notice two very exciting aspects to this year's schedule. The first, is the addition of a handful of the best races in the southeast have been incorporated into the series. The second is that there are virtually no major conflicts with other races. The two of these should guarantee the hottest racing to date, with teams coming from all over the southeast to lock horns with the best of the best. With additions like Athens, Chattanooga, Cumming, Atlantic Station, Columbus and the Memorial Day Tour of Atlanta this year will be the best ever!
We have secured several big named sponsors but are still actively seeking sponsors to partner with us in making this the best racing series in the country. The 2008 GC is still in its infancy in regards to what we have targeted to accomplish in providing amateur racers with professional experiences! We have an extensive inventory list that is second to none, ranging from state-wide opportunities to individual venue exposure. We would like to strongly encourage you to review your company's position in sports marketing, branding, and healthy lifestyle promotion and consider contacting us at to discuss what we can offer. Sponsorship of teams and events, whether local or international, always begins with someone who is a cycling enthusiast. We thank you in advance for your efforts to create strategic partnerships with the Georgia Cup. Remeber there is no sponsorship too small.
Every year we take a long hard look at the events and try to determine what will make them better than the previous year. Simultaneously looking through the lenses of cyclists, sponsors, and cities is not often easy to do, but we've made a few changes that will make the racing better for all parties involved. Keep reading for the details.
Until Albany , keep the rubber-side down, jcl3

The 2008 GC has rebranded the USCF's category structure, once again, in order to make cycling a bit more user-friendly for the average spectator. Anyone who has ever tried to explain cycling to someone who was not a cyclist, eventually had to go through the category descriptions. Rather than constantly doing this with every city, newspaper, press release, etc., we opted to rebrand them in a format that is easily transferable throughout various sports. Spectators can better understand the progression of a schedule that reads: Competitive, Elite, ProAm.
This year, we have seen each downtown systematically reduce the amount of time they are willing to allow us to close their streets. Due to the time constraints of various cities, in order to respect their downtown merchants and vendors, we are only able to offer certain races in the Criterium venues. Because of this, we have structured certain categories that we are able to offer a full pallet of competitions, including the GC08 Leader (white jersey), Race Leader (yellow jersey), King of the Mountain (Polka Dot), and Most Aggressive Rider (red). These categories are as follows: ProAm, Elite, Competitive <35,>35, Masters 30+ and WProAm.
In order to ensure the best racing possible, with the most competitive fields and the widest variety of racing opportunities, we have overlapped the fields and added lower category bonuses. Each race payout offers a bonus to the lower category in the field.Category Definitions:
ProAm [Pro123]
Elite [Cat 3 ONLY]
Competitive [Cat 45] Under 35
Competitive [Cat 45] Over 35 (This divison can race Masters and the U35)Women ProAm [Pro12]Women [3/4]
Masters 30 +

The 2008 GC season opener is in again Albany, Georgia with the Albany Stage Race. Coinciding with Albany's annual Mardi Gras celebration, which attracts well over fifteen thousand people each year, this is the perfect place to start the season! The weekend will be full of great racing, as well as lots of festivities and events to entertain riders and families, including the Albany Snickers Marathon.
It's been a warm winter and everyone is ready to race! And what better way to show off the oncoming form than in the 2008 GC Yellow Jersey of race leadership. And the only way to claim it is by screaming through the technical prologue to grab hold of the best time in the first event of the season.
Then the Criteriums begin on the same course, running a figure-eight through downtown Albany. There are a lot of corners, but the streets are three and four lanes wide, so riders will be able to take them smooth and fast without digging into their reserves and using the much needed energy they'll be saving for the finish. This will also allow those still coming out of hibernation to sit in and stretch their legs only when completely necessary. Anyone finding early-season speed might be able to slip the peleton and stay away for the duration of the race, but the smart money is on the sprinters. With full control of their teams in one of the only 2008 GC events that fully suits their style, they'll be looking to stamp their name on the overall and head to Perry then Gainesville in the White GC Leader's Jersey.
After the Criterium, enjoy the fun and festivities of the Mardi Gras celebration on Broad Street. "Laissez le bon temps rouler!"Sunday's Route En El Sol is the perfect course for starting the year, mostly flat with only slight rollers. The route will allow old man winter to ride safely tucked within the peleton while the spring chickens go pecking for points off the front. Again, it will be the sprinters' race to lose, but there are enough twists and turns to lend some favor to an early breakaway sticking it to the finish.


Yes instant results!

Last year we were able to offer these transponders to great success! Everything is the same for the 2008 GC । Riders will again have the option to buy ($90) or rent transponders that will attach to their bike, recording each and every passing over the finish line, or other designated points such as KOM. This will allow us to produce timed results, lap times, average speeds, and an array of other race-specific data for each and every participant. You will find that online and race day registration will be much more efficient from last year.

Late last year the GC asked patrons to participate in the first ever GC Advisory Board (GCAB)। We currently have 30 members and from there we have 10 Executive Board Members (GCEB) that vote on hot topics relating to the GC. Registrations was one of the hot topics discussed and voted on by the GCEB. In order to be more flexible the GC has added several new registration features for 2008. 1. Early Bird Discounts - Register 10 days prior to race receive 20% off standard rates2. Standard Online Registration - Register for stage race until Thursday at 11:59pm3. Online late and individual Registration - Friday register for an individual race or the whole stage race (additional fees will apply) You can register for just the RR or just the Crit - you won't have to register for the whole stage.4. Race Day Registration - Register for individual races on race day! (additional fees will apply)We will also offer discounts to patrons that enter multiple races. Ex. A Competitive 35+ wants to also race the Masters Crit. These will not be offered until Friday online registration.

If you would like to be added to the GCnewsletter, simply click on the link or go to the GC website and click on "Subscribe to the Georgia Cup newsletter." We will only use this mailing list for the newsletter, informing you of upcoming events, results, flyers, etc, and never for any other reason.

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