Tuesday, January 22, 2008


2008 will have a MASTERS 30+ Category with a 40+ bonus and separate Jerseys! Over 3/4 of the GCAB voted for the 30+ Category with a SEPARATE 40+ bonus and Jerseys! That means that even though the 30+ and 40+ are racing together – they are separate! A separate bonus and separate LEADERS Jerseys will be awarded to the Master 40+. The board has spoken and the GC will adhere to the wishes of the board.

More details to come. See you in Albany!

Here's how the GCAB voted. The 2008 GC Masters field should be: 30+ with a 40+ bonus and separate Leaders Jerseys 76.4% 35+ with a 45+ bonus and NO separate Leaders Jerseys 19.2% Something else 4.4%

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