Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 GC logo for all to use! Appropriately

2008 GC Downloadable Logo - The GC logo 'maybe' used by all participating teams, sponsors, cities, venues & Bike shops। This means that you may put on websites, print, clothing, kits, etc. However, you MUST follow the "Team Style Guide" parameters (contact promoter for more info you may NOT sell any items with the GC logo without express written consent from the GC. To date there are many patron teams, bike shops, cities, etc that have used the GC logo - The GC is not affiliated with any entity using the GC logo other than they are a participating team, sponsor, city, venue or bike shop (possibly others). The GC does NOT offer discounts, concessions or any free entries of ANY kind for these entities to use the logo. It is completely optional and at that entity's discretion.

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