Monday, February 4, 2008

GC Event Registration Explained!

What is the difference between the GC stage races and the GC Series 7?
Our premier stage races include a Time Trial, Criterium/Circut and an endurance Road Race timed using Chip X technology. The Series 7 race weekends are individual races - race and go format. Competitors enjoy the flexibility of racing the entire weekend or just one event.

This means that GC Premier STAGE race weekends are just that STAGE races, thus the additional costs. We promote them as stage races not individual races like the S7. All S7 races WILL have Early Bird, Standard and Race Day entries. STAGE races will only have Race Day entries (Beginning online Friday before the race).

Still don't understand? The GC has made a lot of changes to better service the patrons. Offering the Early Bird gives discounts to those who know they are going to race the stage. It is a stage race, however, if on Friday before the race weekend there is still individual races open we will allow individual race entry.

New for 2008 we have RACE DAY entry for both the stage and individual races - if you want to wait and not register for Early Bird or Standard Registration you are welcome to just show up and register on race day for all events. BUT, there is a "service" fee for waiting. There is a "Cost" for waiting. That is why we added Early Bird registration. If you prefer to wait until the last minute to race then by all means do that but please understand it costs money. Time is money and running a series cost a lot of money. HELP US HELP YOU. Register Early Bird and SAVE $$$$$$. If not, we will accept your late registration but it costs money to add you.

If you still have questions please contact your GCAB representative or read the sponsorship/Info guide - The page that describes the costs to run a series.

We really hope this clearly explained our rationale and hope to see you In Albany!


Jeff said...

Can you activate the Confirmed Rider list on BikeReg?

Georgia Cup said...

For 2008 the Confirmed rider list will not be accessable until 5pm on Friday before each event weekend.

Josh Whitmore said...

Wait, so for a stage race, you can't preregister before friday? What about knowing TT start times to plan for travel?

Is all registration on line? Will you pass the online fee on to us or pay for it yourself?

Are you still making people PAY to rent the chip things rather than paying for that convenience expense yourself?

Matt said...

There is early registration for all races and it's cheaper to register early. If you just want to do a stage (just the tt, just the crit etc.) then you have to wait and enter just before the race. These are two day timed stage races and they want to fill up registration with people doing the complete race first, then if the field isn't filled to capacity they'll allow people to register for a single stage. It should be clear on the link.

The "chip things" cost GC over $100 each. I wouldn't say that renting them is a "convenience expense". It's a very progressive approach to insuring accurate results. Most race series still use the camera and note pad and the results are inaccurate 95% of the time outside the top 5-10. If you're going to race much at all just buy one, it last for three years or more...much longer than a set of tires and about the same price.